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So now we are back home.  The kiddos are with their dad celebrating Christmas and I am nursing Lillen back to health from a very nasty stomach virus.  It is not unusual or people to get stomach viruses there, but I have never personally experienced or seen somebody throwing up so much as Lillen and Jacob has.  Vomit is a tough one for me and thank GOD I haven't had to clean any of it up!  I am just staying out of the line of fire and swallowing my whole, white peppercorns to avoid getting the same thing.

We had a wonderful time!  The fall has been stressful for all of us...frankly, the whole year has been intense, but really fun and exciting too.  The kids have forgone birthday and Christmas presents for 2 years because they only really wanted to go to Egypt, so we worked really hard and went.  They said over and over again how thankful they were and Paul even said that he wished there was a better word for Thank You and Gratitude that matched the intensity of his feelings. 

I am very grateful to have such grateful kids.

I managed to get a bit cleaned up at the house yesterday, but I still have a bit to go.  The washing machine is on the blink again.  Great timing.  There is a mountain of laundry to do.  The people who can fix seem to be on vacation so we will just have to wait.  Things like this should just work, shouldn't they?

Just a couple of more days until I start working at my "real" job and I am really looking forward to it!!!  Just 3 days left!!

Postat av: Anna

Beautyfull You!

See You at Monday!

// Love

2009-12-31 @ 11:43:03
Postat av: Don

Wish you a happy new year Mel

Happiness deep down within.

Serenity with each sunrise.

Success in each facet of your life.

Family beside you.

Close and caring friends.

Health, inside you.

Love that never ends.

Special memories of all the yesterdays.

A bright today with much to be thankful for.

A path that leads to beautiful tomorrows.

Dreams that do their best to come true.

Appreciation of all the wonderful things about you.

2009-12-31 @ 17:17:40
Postat av: PeterDeluxe

Happy New Year Melissa.

2010-01-02 @ 12:09:45

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