A day of recording in G-borg

I left home around 8am in order to get to G-borg in time for my recording session.  I won't mention with whom yet because I never asked how sensitive the project was, so suffice it to say, you will be surprised and entertained.  My car (and my whole life, actually) is not reacting well to the rediculously cold temps and the hearter in car has been weak to say the least.  I have frozen my HINEY off and had tons of layers on in order to suffer through my trips home.  Today, was really horrible!  The temps have been hovering somewhere around minus 15 and minus 30 degrees, which are just ungodly temperatures.  I REALLY have been wishing I got sent to Spain or some nice and hot country, but the winters here have their charm...I guess...

By the time I got to Lidköping, I had a mini breakdown at Lillen's mom's house.  She must have thought I was insane, but I was cold (and apparently premenstrual, as the horrible day would bring to my attention the second I left the recording studio) and could not get warm again.

The recording session was the high point of the day.  It went effortlessly and everyone seemed pleased with what I contributed,which made me happy.

On the way back, I pulled over the car and put in another bottle of antifreeze, filled up the tank with gas and I man kind of hung out and started talking to me.  He apparently recognised me from the band and as it turns out, was a former colleague of the band I work with.  Small world!  So I promised to say Hi to the guys and after learning how to get around G-borg the hard way, I am nicely settled in to my VERRRY La Ti Dah - Hotel here in the center of all of the hullabaloo, which I am COMPLETELY uninterested in right now.

Before my 3 hour scenic tour of G-borg, I recognised a town that I have played in and I knew Lillen was at the same gig tonight, so I stopped by to say Hello, but decided to leave just before his gig began. 

Guess I'll get some shut eye now!

Postat av: "Märta"

Hi Girl!

Recording... sounds nice. I´m sure that all the people that likes you also will like it. Exciting :)

The weather is finally getting warmer, that´s nice to :)

Big hugs


2010-01-09 @ 20:14:43
Postat av: scatter

Hi Melissa, I just wanted to mention that the weather in US (Illinois) wasn't too good either, -20C and snowstorm but I stayed warm during the holidays together with my American friends and with shopping!!! I don't worry too much about the weather here.. I have enough problem with the jet lag right now!Cant wait to hear your recording since I have never heard you singing.. I lived in US when you attained DBK ... stay warm!!!!

2010-01-12 @ 20:28:59
Postat av: slowfox

Hi Melissa! I'm curious to hear what you are working with, and I guess i will... later.

One of my colleagues moved to Sweden from South Africa. Once he wrote to his friends there about the Swedish weather "The green winter is OK".

Hope to see and hear you soon with the band.

2010-01-22 @ 23:05:26

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